Design + Development


Excel’s design and development team is located in Brooklyn Park, MN


Excel is a full service provider, placing special emphasis on design and development. Our motto is idea through fabrication. We can take your project through all stages from design to prototype to cost effective rollout. Our fabrication and production experience helps us come up with great ideas for trend based solutions with realistic applicability.

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    Every project Excel produces starts with collaboration. With this part of the process, Excel is able to discover firsthand exactly what our client’s vision is.

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    Our design department is located in Brooklyn Park, MN. With designers on staff, we are able to help our clients visualize their projects through face to face conversation, sketches, and 3d renderings.

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    Excel is able to offer high end prototypes to our clients. Having equipment to produce prototypes using multiple materials has given us the ability to far exceed industry expectations.

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    Along with design and development, our engineering department is also located in our Brooklyn Park office. Our engineers are able to provide our clients with a cost effective solution that will prove to ease the manufacturing process.

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    Manufacturing, packaging, and logistics are handled through our Fergus Falls location. We believe our process is highly efficient and we have a good handle on keeping cost down for our clients.



Depending on the project, fabrication can involve a wide array of materials. Using plastic, acrylic, printing, metal, and wood, Excel is able to handle all of our clients’ needs.

Our Services

We offer a broad range of manufacturing services including: prototyping, CNC routing, laser cutting, laser etching, drape forming, vacuum forming, line bending and edge polishing. These capabilities enable us to design, prototype and manufacture a wide spectrum of products. From P.O.P. signs and displays and store fixtures, to OEM parts.